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Today’s Podcast is Part two of my conversation with Pastor Tony McCollum. Tony is the founding pastor of Fusion Church in Buford, Georgia. He is a husband, father of four, pastor, communicator, author, photographer, techie, and swell guy.

Fusion Church:

More Tips From Tony:

Strive for “energy management” even more than “time management.”

For longevity in ministry, take ownership for making sure you are healthy and feeding yourself spiritually.

Tony’s Basic Work Schedule:
Sunday Morning | Arrive at 6:30-7:00, Evening – Think/Dream Time
Monday | Morning/Afternoon – Recovery/Email/Planning/Listen to Other Pastors
Tuesday | Morning/Lunch – Staff Meetings Afternoon – Phone calls/emails
Wednesday | Morning/Afternoon Sermon Prep/Writing Evening – Directors Mtg
Thursday – “Catch-all” day, Counseling, Lunch meetings, Connecting with other pastors, Finance meetings, Periodic Trustee meeting
Friday | Family Day
SaturdayMorning | Family Time Lunch to Evening – Sermon Prep

Additional Links from Tony:

[Not available for now:] 🙂

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