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Show Notes: Michael Feese (Part 1)

There are a few audio issues in this episode. “Perfectionist Guidance is Suggested.” 🙂

Summary: On today’s podcast, I begin part one of “Seven Questions” with Pastor Michael Feese. Dr. Feese is the pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Alvord, Texas. He has served in youth ministry, as a Church Planter and as Senior pastor of several churches in the great state of Texas.

Dr. Michael Feese

Mount Zion Baptist Church

Tips From Michael:

* Church Planters
– Don’t walk away too soon. But if you determine that it’s time to step away, determine that when you are spiritually fresh, and only if there is direct leading from the Lord Jesus.

– If you’re struggling, consider taking a short sabbatical, then come back and “double down.” 🙂

* It’s not really about how well you preach, it’s all about the relationships that you build with people.

* The use of social media differs in rural and suburban settings. Use what works best in your setting, even if it’s not “cutting edge.”

* Don’t be “too hip for the room.” “Cool marches on…”

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