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There are a few audio issues in this episode. “Perfectionist Guidance is Suggested.” 🙂

Today’s podcast is part two of “Seven Questions” with Pastor Michael Feese. Dr. Feese is the pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Alvord, Texas. He has served in youth ministry, as a Church Planter and as Senior pastor of several churches in the great state of Texas.

Dr. Michael Feese

Mount Zion Baptist Church

A Few More Tips From Michael:

On Keeping Your Family Relationships Strong:

* Spend lots of time alone with your spouse.

* Don’t just talk about a regular “date night,” actually do it!

* Travel together (without your kids)

* Make “flirting with your spouse” a life-long practice.

* You can avoid “empty nest syndrome” down the road by investing in your relationship with your spouse all along the way.

* Even when your kids become adults, look for opportunities to talk about and offer guidance in spiritual matters and life issues.

Michael’s Basic Work Schedule:

Mornings: Spiritual Disicplines & Message Preparation

Afternoons: Pastoral Ministry – Hosptial visits, phone calls, emails, etc.

Evenings: Family time

Saturdays: Guarded time for family

Staff Meetings  – “Since we already feel rotten on Mondays, we might as well have staff meeting…” 😀

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