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Show Notes: Seven Questions With Scott Hamilton

Summary: In this episode, I interview Pastor Scott Hamilton  with “Seven Questions.” Scott is the pastor of Foundation Church in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. He has “one wife and two children.” Scott is a great pastor and an old friend and I think you’ll see right away how much I enjoyed this conversation. I think you’ll enjoy it also!

The interview was recorded using a hand held voice recorder in the front seat of my car. The audio quality reflects this, so as usual, “perfectionist guidance” is suggested. Probably not the best episode to listen to with headphones…

Foundation Church

A Few Highlights From Our Conversation:

“Some folks won’t take the whole trip with you.”

Spiritual Authority and Conflict Resolution solutions are taught by Jesus in Matthew 5 and Matthew 18, in particular. These are redemptive passages, leading us to reconciliation with people.

* Reading the Bible daily is vital as a means for developing a fresh relationship with Jesus and in order to lead others to know the Lord more deeply as well.

“I’m a Christian. I’m attempting to follow the King of Christianity – Christ, and my understanding of the primary way that He speaks to us is through His Word. So it makes sense to me to spend time in His Word – Not as a rigorous discipline, but more as a relationship with Him, trying to get to know Him, so I can love Him; so I can follow Him and help others on their journey.” – Scott Hamilton

Link From Today’s Episode:

Ministry Coaching

A Few Things Scott Has Done For Keeping Family Relationships Strong:

  • Daily devotional with his daughter (at her request)
  • Bought vending machines as a hobby with his son (provides a lot of “windshield time” together)
  • Weekly date with his wife (Sometimes it involves money, sometimes it does not. Conversation avoids the topics of church/work)

Scott’s Basic Work Schedule:

Monday morning – Prayer walking (1-2 hours), Planning
Monday afternoon – Review weekend, emails, study
Tuesday morning – Staff meeting, writing
Tuesday afternoon – Appointments
Wednesday – Similar to Tuesday, Evenings – Church Bible studies
Thursday – Wrap up sermon prep, notes to staff for Sunday preparation – slides, sermon notes, etc.
Friday – Day off,
Saturday morning – Men’s group, work on Doctoral work
Saturday afternoon/evening – Work around the house, Prep for Sunday
Sunday – Arrive at 5 a.m. – meetings, prayer, staff stuff
9 a.m. – 1st Service
10:45 a.m. – 2nd Service
Afternoon – Take a nap
Evening – Varies – Doctoral work, Life Group, etc.

Listen to the end for one of the best answers so far to the question “What do you wish that I had asked you about?”

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