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Show Notes: Seven Questions With Tyler Hettich

Summary: In this episode, I interview Pastor Tyler Hettich with “Seven Questions.” Tyler is the founding pastor of Church at the Creek in Aurora, Colorado. He has married to his wife, Alisa for 16 years and together they have two great kids, Titus and Riley. Before planting Church at the Creek, he has served in various ministry roles in churches large and small.

Church at the Creek

Some Highlights and Links From Today’s Show:

“I’ve heard it said from a couple of different sources (I don’t even remember particularly where I heard it) that ‘the most difficult person to lead is yourself.’ …And I found that to be true.”

“It’s so important to not be discouraged by comparing yourself to other ministries.”

To Church Planters:

“Get ready for it to be the most challenging, sanctifying experience of your life.”

“Church Planting calls you to a higher level in your personal walk with God in order to persevere through the difficult times.”

“Learn to embrace the struggle of it.”

“Embrace the seasons and stages in your church.”

On Being A “Neighborhood Church Plant:”

“A non-negotiable for us was that we were going to live in the neighborhood that we’re trying to reach.”

“We’re going to be for the community, not against the community – Showing up, promoting and helping at events that are happening in the community, not just promoting our own events.”

“It is a joy to say that we minister to the kids that go to the local school; we minister to the neighbors who live next door; we’re committed to making a tangible improvement in this particular neighborhood … It’s pretty simple stuff: Love God, Love your neighbor – and we took it very literally and just said, “We’re going to literally love our neighbor, not just figuratively – our next door neighbor. And that’s kind of been the philosophy of our church from the beginning.”

“Think in terms of long range vision rather than short term results.”

“If I were starting over, I would definitely worry less and pray more.”

Resources He Is Currently Using:

12Stone Church

Northpoint/Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

LifeChurch/Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

Mosaic/Erwin McManus

Ignite: How To Spark Immediate Growth In Your Church


Fusion: Turning First-Time Guests into Fully-Engaged Members of Your Church

Both by Nelson Searcy

Connecting with local Pastors
Example Idea from a local pastor – Moving from a “to do” list to scheduling “to do list” items on his calendar as appointments.

Free Resources:
12 Stone

Life Church –

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