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Show Notes: Seven Questions With Tyler Hettich (Part 2)

In this episode, I continue my interview Pastor Tyler Hettich with “Seven Questions.” Tyler is the founding pastor of Church at the Creek in Aurora, Colorado.

Church at the Creek

Some Highlights and Links From Today’s Show:

On Keeping His Family Relationships Strong:

No Tech Tuesday” – No electronic devices, no TV, no internet, one day a week. Conversations, board games, going to the park, etc.

“We decided that as a family, we need a discipline in our life where there’s a day a week where we are not distracted by other things, and we’re engaging one another in conversations beyond the normal things. And so that’s kind of a discipline that we have in our home.”

“No Tech Tuesday” has become one of his family’s favorite days of the week.

“I was using all of my creative energy for sermons, people I work with, etc. to connect and communicate, and I would come home and be boring.”

“I need to save some of my best jokes and best stories for the dinner table, and not just for my sermons. I need to think of ways that I’m bringing energy to my conversations with my wife and my kids, and laughing, and bringing an environment where we’re enjoying one another’s company, instead of just for Sunday mornings… I need to give as much energy to that relationship as any other.”

“I’ve tried to take ownership over my attitude, my energy, and my engagement with my family.”

Tyler learned from the example of his father, who also was a Church Planter. His dad was them same person in the pulpit as he was at home. He also didn’t ‘sulk around’ when ministry was tough. For him, it was a joy to serve in ministry. They all served together as a family unit, all working to see it succeed. Growing up in a “Church Planting Family” was a positive experience for Tyler in all areas of his life, and he wants to transfer that experience to his kids.

“Keep it simple. Do my kids’ love Jesus? Are their relationships good? – If we have a low Sunday (By comparison) Who cares?”

Tyler’s Basic Weekly Schedule:

(20 Hours a week in another job – 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., M-F)

Mondays – Early morning Prayer and Sermon Prep/ Guest Follow-up
Tuesdays – Studying for upcoming Sermons
Wednesdays – Writes Kids’ Curriculum
Thursdays – Finish up Sermon Prep for Sunday
Fridays – Morning – Printing and Video/Pro Presenter set up for

2 or 3 nights a week – Relationship building/connecting with people – small groups and having people over to their house.

To Bi-Vocational Ministers:

“You guys are heroes of the faith. Your salary does not define you. What you are doing is super important and on the front lines of ministry where nobody else is going…Keep after it, because we need people starting ministries where there are no other ministries. I want to encourage those out there who are struggling and saying, ‘This is hard.’ – Just keep going.”

On Writing His Church’s Weekly Kid’s Curriculum:

“The kids go one direction, the adults go another direction – we’re putting all of this content out, and they’re never connecting the dots. I spend a lot of time trying to get families talking about what we’re talking about in the service.”

“(By writing our Kid’s Curriculum) I can tell people regularly, ‘Hey, you’re learning the same content as the kids are at this point in time. You know what to talk about.'”

“If I can get people talking about it at home, I think that’s a huge win.”

Writing it takes him about an hour and half a week, using a basic template where he plugs in different games or activities.

He writes his sermon first, then thinks, “How would I teach this to my kids?

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