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Show Notes: Seven Questions With Pat Webb

In this episode, I interview Pastor Pat Webb with “Seven Questions.” Pat Webb is founder and lead pastor of The Crossing Church in the Dallas/FortWorth Metroplex. He and his wife, Carolyn, started the church several years ago to specifically reach those far from God in a contemporary, culturally diverse setting.

Pat has always been a risk taker and is driven to lead on the cutting edge, exploring new ways to get out of our four walls and into the community. Pat has ministered for more than 40 years in Worship and Pastoral roles in Texas, Colorado and Tennessee.

The Crossing Church

Some Highlights and Links From Today’s Show:

“Vision is not buildings, Vision is people.”

What Pat would do differently:

Pat would invest more into people.

“We don’t build churches – We build people who build leaders who build churches.”

“I would realize earlier that I can’t do it alone.”

He would wait on God’s timing. Pat says, “I had a tendency to ‘run ahead of God.'” He would do that differently.

He would realize sooner that “those closest to you in your camp will discourage your vision,” and not to listen to the naysayers.

He would realize sooner that “Failure is not Fatal.”

“We have a tendency to listen to the ‘naysayers.'”

He would learn earlier to please God rather than people.

“If you’re going to follow God, it’s going to take risk.”

Resources Pat Is Currently Using:

The Bible App (Pat has his church going through Reading Plans together)

Word Search

Craig Groeschell’s Leadership podcast

Unqualified: How God Uses Broken People To Do Big Things” by Steven Furtick

On Keeping His Family Relationships Strong:

He keeps a consistent Friday Night “Date Night” with his wife.

He sends his wife Bible verses of encouragement every day.

Every day when his wife goes to work, he “lays his hands on her” and prays for her.

Pat’s Basic Schedule:

Monday:  “Holy Hangover” day – Reflects on the wins of the weekend.
Tuesday:  Office stuff and meetings. Sermon Prep/Message research.
Wednesday & Thursday: Nuts and Bolts of Message preparation
Friday: Day off
Saturday: Morning – Trimming/editing the message – practices delivering it.
Sunday:  Arrives at 7 a.m., Runs through the message about 3 times before the service begins.
Afternoon – “Veg time.”

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