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Show Notes: Seven Questions With Robert Pooley

Summary: In this episode, I interview Pastor Robert Pooley in part one of “Seven Questions.” Robert is the Founding and current Pastor of Coast Community Church in Gulf Breeze, Florida, which he planted over 19 years ago. Robert has served as a youth pastor, was a member of the “Keith Shealy Band” back in the day, and has lived and served in California, Washington, D.C., and North Carolina. He is married to Vicki, and their daughter is Leanna. He’s also pretty handy with a guitar.

Coast Community Church

Some Highlights and Links From Today’s Show:

“(Hard times and difficulties) are kind of like a storm. Sometimes they just hit you and you don’t see them coming.”

“Every pastor needs a pastor.”


Leading On Empty by Wayne Cordeiro

Center for Clergy Care

A Few Things That Robert  would do differently:

  • He would find some mentors early on in his ministry.
    Coast Community is now an ARC (Association of Related Churches) Supporting Church.
  • Because you will need more money than you think you will, he would raise more money before planting a church.
  • He would work more on developing leaders and teams early on.
  • “You can be a great speaker, but if you’re not a gatherer, if you’re not a team builder – those are skills that you really need.”

Other Resources Robert Is Currently Using:

The Kindle App for constantly reading and building his library

Secrets of a Secret Shopper: Reaching and Keeping Church Guests” by Greg Atkinson

God Dreams: 12 Vision Templates For Find and Focusing Your Church’s Future” by Will Mancini and Warren Bird

Live Love Lead: Your Best Is Yet To Come” by Brian Houston

Small Group of Pastors – Robert has a “small group” of Pastors (outside of church) that he meets with once a month for encouragement, support and laughter.

“I encourage every Pastor to have a group like that, because it will save your ministry.”

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