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Show Notes: Seven Questions With “The Secret International Pastor of Mystery” (Part 1)

Summary: In this episode, I interview my good friend, who is currently serving in a country that is not too excited about him sharing the Gospel there. He has been in ministry for many years, and is a church planter and businessman. For security purposes, he is doing this interview anonymously.  Throughout the interview, I call him “James,” “Ralph,” Fred,” and whatever name pops in my head at the moment…

Some Highlights and Links From Today’s Show:

A Few Things He Would Do Differently:

  • He would focus more on “multiplication” in his ministry (Working on the things he is gifted in, and delegating/training others to work on the things he’s not in order to multiply the effectiveness and scope of his ministry).
  • He would focus on discipleship that is more “life on life,” than “programmatic.”
  • With guidance, he would help people begin serving in areas in which they feel called, even before they are fully trained.
  • Without it becoming catastrophic, or setting them up to crash, he would allow people to fail more, helping them to learn and grow as a part of the “training” process.
  • He would focus far more on people than programs. “It is about the numbers, but it’s more about the people ‘in’ those numbers…”
  • He would have dreamed bigger, “God dreams,” regarding what people could go on to do.

Experiencing God – “What is God doing and how can I join Him?”

  • He would ask, “God, what do You want to do here? What do You want to do in me, to expand my capacity and dreams that I haven’t even thought of?” Ephesians 3:21-22

How He’s Doing Ministry Now:

  • He trains and disciples in the pattern set in 2 Timothy 2:2 (a “four generational” mindset).
  • He communicates the expectation to new believers that they are to share their faith. Matthew 28:19
  • The process flows like this: New Believer –>Baptized –>Begins sharing their faith. It’s one of the first things they are trained to do.
  • “Here’s how I shared my faith with you, now you go and do the same in your culture and context.”
  • Believers baptize other believers, without haivng to wait for a “Pastor” to do it.
  • He hangs out in coffee shops, and has conversations with people. He tells people that he’s a follower of Christ within the first or second times he meets someone.
  • When meeting someone new, he uses a “Red/Yellow/Green Light” approach in sharing the Gospel:

Red Light – (Person is combative) The Spirit isn’t working in that moment, so he waits for another time.

Yellow Light – (Curious, has questions) He uses his “book” the Bible, to show what He believes and how it connects and conflicts with their current beliefs.

Green Light – (Open, Interested, Wanting Direction) He dives directly into the Bible and shares the Gospel.

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